Monday, December 9, 2013

A Snowy Owl Tree

I was able to work on my tree while the weather is too cold to go out much.

I used some little snowy owls, a pom pom garland, snowflakes and glass pinecones.  I have collected the pinecones for years and had seen the garland idea in a Country Living magazine years ago.  I kept forgetting about it until after I decorated my tree each year, but finally remembered to make one this year. 

I usually use a lot of red, and gold, but this year just wasn't feeling the red.   I wanted more of just a winter feel, with more white and green this time.

I didn't do the usual star, angel or bow this year either.  Just a little owl in a nest.


There is something funny going on with these little owls.  The last two mornings I have found two little owls at the foot of my bed.  Just sitting there waiting for me to get up and see them.

I feel sure they aren't flying in to my bedroom.  They have some help.

Looks like I have an owl stalker.  This is the culprit sitting high above on her perch.

I'll share my mantel next time.

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  1. Love your tree and your darling kitties. Can't leave out the dogs - such sweety pies. The owls are spectacular as is the garland. Did you say you made that garland? How many pom poms did you need? Too fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much Lois. Yes, I made the garland. It took about 3 bags from Hobby Lobby.

  2. Now THAT is one beautiful tree that needs to be in a magazine! Beautiful, Gina! Just beautiful. Love the owls especially and some little culprit that keeps changing their place of residence.

  3. You're very kind, Brenda. I had to have all the owls nesting out of stalker reach, after waking to them in the morning. So far so good.

  4. Oh, I love your snowy owls! They are almost like the baby owls we found at the edge of our woods this summer. We could hear their parents overhead. All we could do was take a peak, not touch, herd all the dogs and cat inside and hope the mom would come for them.

    I saw you at Brenda's Cozy Little House! Welcome to blogging! You have started beautifully. I love the mantel you have posted now too!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Dewena! How fun you found baby owls and their parents on your property. I love owls and watched a pair of barn owls online through two clutches of babies. Thanks again for looking in on my blog!

  5. Well, you know owls, they just might be finding a way to get off the tree into your bedroom each night. They are the birds of the Goddess of Wisdom and War, after all (Athena).